Building the Foundation

The groundwork is laid!

It took far longer than I’d care to admit, but I’ve finished the tedious task of creating the backdrop for what I hope will be every conceivable option / order of panel for the comic strip. This involved relying on guides in dropping in and rearranging panels to an degree I’m not used to at all as I usually just eyeball things. Here’s an image an example panel layout with a few of my resources thrown in to provide context…

8 Panel Screenshot.png

I think I have this where I want it, but now I’m just waiting to pull the gun on purchasing the Domain Name to make things official. I am still going back and forth on whether or not I should be using or Squarespace. At the moment I’m leaning towards WordPress only because their template for Comic Strips just feels far superior to Squarespace’s stock Comic Strip website template.

Though if I have free reign over how to setup my website via WYSIWYG style controls in Squarespace and can easily setup a “Previous”, “Next”, “Archive”, and Go To Date”¬†option out of them that would be a VERY tempting proposition indeed.

Also, (most importantly) gotta convince the wife to be cool with the pricing. lol

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.14.16 PM.png

Ironically my Sister has been requesting my help setting up a website for her own Massage Therapy business, so that could be a good testing ground if I lend her a hand.

Anyhoo. Things are progressing. I’m excited to share my stories, and maybe by my next post I’ll be able to share the URL / Web Address for this comic strip’s home base.

Thanks and take care now!

– Curtis B. <><




I’m going to create a Comic Strip!

For the last 12 year’s I’ve been employed as a church tech staff member for a multi-campus church, and in that time I’ve come across many humorous situations and thoughts of what could have been. Over the last few month’s I’ve put pen to paper (actually it was mostly fingers to keyboard and stylus to capacitive glass) and as such I have some stories to tell and epicness to share!

I’d like to introduce my Tech Director…


My style of drawing really hasn’t changed since my teen days which is to say simplistic and expressive via pupil only eyes and eyebrows along with the mouth, hair and body language of course.

As of today I’ve finished all template PSD files for the framing of each strip and am building a library of resource images to use as backgrounds and props throughout the series.

I’ve created a total of 9 characters that I think are fully fleshed out with their personalities, backstories and appearance for each one. I’m very excited to share with the world their quirkiness and charm.

I’ll post more drafts of characters and soon the name of the Comic and it’s website as I continue on this journey of creativity.

Love and respect!

– Curtis <><